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Grandma Recipe App available!

Hello everyone! Great news today! Grandmarecipe application finally reaches the App Store! It’s available to everyone for free…yes FREE! no ads, no hidden costs 😉 So…what are you waiting? download it now with the button below!   Enjoy the app!

App submitted!

Yep. Just a small news…The app has been submitted to the app store! f everything goes well…it should be available soon! Stay tuned!

iOS application UPDATE!

Hello everyone! I tought about sharing an update with you 😉 The app is almost done…i still have to make the icons for the springboard…and I should be done 😉 Then I’ll submit that to the AppStore for approvation… Here you’ll find some “final” screenshot…hope you like them! As always, comments appreciated…and if you have […]

Preview: iOs App coming soon!

Hello everyone…today I won’t post a recipe ( maybe I will later… 😉 ) but an interesting news… Grandma Recipe will soon have its own iOs application, so you’ll be able to browse your favourite recipes right from your phone! And you know what’s best? It will be completely free!!! Here’s a small screenshot 😉 […]

New logo!

Hello everyone…just a quick news…as you can see our website has a new logo! It was made by Andrea C. you can see some of his works here. Thanks Andrea!!!


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